Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Notre-Dame International High School Paris (NDIHS) is a college preparatory high school formed and operated in partnership with Notre Dame “Les Oiseaux”(NDO) and Nacel France The program is accredited by COGNIA

Mission Statement

Notre-Dame International High School Paris prepares students for professional success in the global community and equips students with the tools to become lifelong learners by fostering the development of critical thinking and communication skills through inquiry and collaboration as they gain a strong sense of personal and social responsibility.

We encourage students to grow in their compassion for others, appreciate and respect other cultures, recognize the value of different viewpoints, and work towards a more peaceful world grounded in intercultural understanding.

Curricular Goals

Students will demonstrate proficiency in their US curriculum by:   

  • Producing high‐level work that prepares them for higher education or professional life;
  • Demonstrating effective problem‐solving skills in various settings;
  • Integrating and applying the knowledge and experience gained in all subject areas;
  • Gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information gained from research, prior learning, and different world perspectives.

Students will develop and refine their intercultural thinking skills by:   

  • Learning to understand the viewpoints of others and allowing this information to shape their perspective of the world;
  • Challenging their personal biases and beliefs through the examination of other worldviews;
  • Using knowledge and critical thinking to develop educated positions on topics and issues that will improve their interactions with others.

Students will demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively within an intercultural setting by:   

  •  Improving skills in oral and written language;
  • Expressing thoughts and ideas with clarity, purpose, and cultural awareness;
  • Recognizing, analyzing, and evaluating various methods of verbal and nonverbal communication;
  • Developing mastery of English (or for U.S. students, another world language), to be successful in postsecondary studies.

Students will exhibit personal and social responsibility by:   

  • Practicing personal and academic integrity;
  • Accepting, appreciating, and understanding human diversity as it relates to themselves and others;
  • Developing cultural skills such as mindfulness, empathy, self‐reflection, and patience in uncertain situations
  • Understanding the impact of their actions and those of others (individuals and groups);
  • Appreciating the value of learning and taking an active role in their education.