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International Boarding School France FAQs

What is it like to be a Notre-Dame International High School student?

The student body of the international boarding school in France remains small and very diverse: after a few days you will know everyone and feel like a real global community, spending your school days with your classmates from over 20 countries. You will have an opportunity to meet with the French community on our campus: some classrooms, sports, catering and boarding facilities are shared. Almost 3000 French students from preschool up to post secondary-school study a French curriculum on this campus. Choosing homestay accommodation you will also feel part of a French family, discovering local habits and improving your French skills.

What can I do with my US High school diploma?

Our graduates mainly apply to study in American Colleges and Universities, but some of them also choose to return home and matriculate in their home Universities. Some others fall in love with France and Paris and attend French or English speaking Undergraduates programs locally! 

May I enter 12th grade and graduate?

We may consider a few exchange students in Grade 12 for graduation with an American High school diploma.

May I come for just a semester?

We are indeed able to welcome some exchange students for the fall and spring semesters.

What degree/diploma do graduates earn at the end of their High School studies in France?

Graduates from Notre-Dame International High School usually prepare a US High School diploma, under certain credit conditions.

Can graduates attend universities anywhere in the world?

Recent graduates from Notre-Dame International High School have enrolled in colleges and universities in various countries around the world.
The US High School diploma is recognized by US Colleges and Universities located in the USA and abroad. This diploma is also recognized by local Universities in various countries but students may have to undertake equivalence recognition or meet specific criterias.
There is no general rules and admission procedures are country- or even university-specific.

Where will I have breakfast, lunch and dinner?

School lunches are provided on campus at a renovated self-service cafeteria. Those living on campus (the school is an international boarding school in France) will also have their breakfast and dinner served in this cafeteria, except during weekends, when they take their lunches and dinners outside of campus. Students living in French families will enjoy their meals with their host families, except their lunches taken at school.

When and where could I go shopping?

Students have some free time on weekdays after school and may go shopping in the local shops. During weekends, they have extended free time and usually travel to Paris to explore the city's cultural and shopping attractions.
Have a look at the video section of this website to watch students' videos about their daily life at Notre-Dame International High School.

Is there a Uniform in this international boarding school in France?


Could I travel independently during weekends? and on evenings?

Yes, under certain conditions that will be presented to you during orientation. You are entitled to 5 independent weekend travels during your school year, besides school holidays. That been said, parents visits are allowed any weekend, without a limit.

​What will be the course offerings in each school year, will I still be able to attend American classes?

 Yes, in Grade 10, 11 and 12. Please consult our Course Offerings.