Application Process

Application Process

Notre-Dame International High School considers applications for the school year 2024/2025 and for the spring semester 2025. 

Students applying or already belonging to our American school in Paris will find under this section all necessary documents and forms that will be useful during their school year in our international school in France.

For admissions please consult our dedicated Admission page.

These are the steps involved in completing a student application

  1. Student sends transcripts, application, and all necessary supportive application documents to the admission office via email (scanned). Download the application form
  2. The admission office reviews the application material, submits it to the school principal, and makes a formal offer of admission (admission letter and deposit invoice).
  3. After the student accepts the school’s offer, the deposit must be paid in order for the admission office to confirm admission and issue visa supporting documents.
  4. The hard copy of the application form must be sent to the admission office via post mail.
  5. The admission office processes registration and visa documents to send to students.
  6. The student's application is given to the placement staff to solidify homestay or dormitory accommodations

Useful Information

American School near Paris Academic Calendar 2023/2024
This document will give you information on the American school's start and end dates, as well as on school holidays in France.

American school near Paris Students Handbook 2023/24
This document is sent to each student enrolled in our international school to give them a cultural approach to France and the French people, while they are studying in an American school.

American School near Paris Pre-departure Handbook 2023/24
To better prepare for your school year at Notre Dame International High School.

American school in Paris Application form
This is the document you will need to fill out to apply to Notre Dame International High School. Please add to your application package the following documents:
Dorm Accommodation form
Homestay Accommodation form
Contract form

School forms

Students of our American High School will be encouraged to travel with the school staff of the international school or with Nacel throughout France and surrounding countries. The goal of our international school in Paris is to ensure that our students are well-traveled and knowledgeable about European cultures.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity can only be accomplished by living and studying in Europe, and most importantly, France. Students will be offered various opportunities to travel during short holidays.
Students are encouraged to participate in a French language program or go into a host family for a French language immersion experience.

Independent travels during the school year at this international school in Paris are only authorized under special conditions (see below documents and forms).

Documents and forms to be filled in by our American school's students, parents, third parties, and host families:

American school in Paris Combined Travel and Release form

American school in Paris Natural Parents Visit form