Notre-Dame International High School is an international boarding school in Europe. Please read below a detailed information to learn more about how to apply to study in our international school in Paris Greater Area.

Admission Policy

Rolling admission policy: we currently consider applicants for the school year 2023/2024. Visa students must apply at the very latest 4 months before school starts. We advise early applications.

The school welcomes international students capable of following a program with the language of instruction being English in:

  • Grade 10 (fall and spring intake, semester students also eligible); Admission is based primarily on the completed student application which includes a review of previous school records and teacher recommendations.
  • Grade 11 (fall and spring intake, semester students also eligible); Admission is based primarily on the completed student application which includes a review of previous school records and teacher recommendations.
  • Grade 12 (fall semester students eligible): admission in 12th Grade is limited and subject to academic eligibility. Please inquire. Besides the completed application form, an interview with a member of the staff as well as an essay may also be required. Students must have strong English writing and speaking skills to integrate a Grade 12. Students should expect a rigorous academic curriculum with the space and time to develop strong study skills and the attributes of the  learner profile in a quiet and serene setting.

Age requirement: Students from 14/15 to 18 years old may be admitted to study at Notre-Dame International High School.

Note that all students attend MAP testing on arrival at school as well as at the end of the school year in English, Reading skills and Math.

School Visit

Notre-Dame International High School offers the chance to any prospective applicant to come to school and spend some hours with our students as a shadowing student. Parents and children will also be able to meet with the School Principal or Teachers.
Contact us via our contact form to arrange your visit.

Academic Requirements

Notre-Dame International High School is a unique program that offers students a rare opportunity to interact with students from around the world in a college-preparatory setting. We feel strongly that young people are better prepared for their future careers by learning to succeed in a diverse environment. As an international school in Paris Greater Area, our American school is perfect for students:

  • who are interested in pursuing careers with an international focus,
  • who want to attend college in the US or in a French University,
  • and who have a passion for travel, culture, and language.

Applicants to our international school in Paris Greater Area:

  • are high achieving, motivated students with a proven academic record;
  • are committed to studying while on the program;
  • have not yet graduated from high school in their home country (unless they are planning to attend college in the US);
  • are proficient in English: please note that a strong prior English language program may be arranged for students in need to provide students with intermediate English skills with the necessary English ability to earn high school credits; French prior knowledge is not mandatory but French lessons will be introduced on arrival. Students are also invited to attend a French summer course in Paris.
  • are interested in learning about cultures of the world including American and French education and culture;
  • are comfortable interacting with people from different cultures;
  • plan to pursue higher education (either in the US, in France or abroad);
    are flexible and capable of integrating with a host family;
  • may have other talents and abilities (sports, music, art, etc.) that will contribute to the community's life of this international school.

The school reserves the right to reject an application that we feel does not meet the criteria for admission that we have set.

Each applicant must be made aware of the following:

  • This is an academic program. All students are required to enroll in a full course of study including classes in math, social studies, English, science and foreign language regardless of the length of their program.
  • We are a school trained in working with an international student body. This means that there are students from all over the world. Being a school with a large international student body, we provide a unique opportunity for a student to receive a first class American education while interacting with students from around the world.
  • Students are required to be accepting of cultural differences and sensitive to the feelings of others. Any form of racism, bullying, or harassment will not be tolerated in our international school.
  • Our international school' students are not allowed to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or do drugs, regardless of their age and laws in their home country.

Please download the specific application form of Notre-Dame International High School here. Note that the complete application package is available on request.

Placement decisions are made by the administration and are based on a number of factors that may include:

  • assessments in Math, English and French,
  • essay,
  • interview,
  • recommendations,
  • transcripts of grades.

Students are placed in classes that are appropriate for their skill level, curriculum and interests.

All students, including international students who are not planning to graduate from our international school near Paris must be enrolled in a full course of study at all times.

Tuition and accommodation fees

Next High School intakes: January 2023

Housing options:

Download our accommodation options:

  • 5-Day Boarding accommodation
  • 7-Day Homestay accommodation
  • 5-Day Boarding + 2-Day Homestay accommodation
  • 7-Day Boarding accommodation

School Calendar 2022/2023

Arrival for dorm and homestay students is September 1st 2022 with all students attending orientation on the first day (September 2nd).  Chaperoned transfer from/to a Paris airport to/from the American school is arranged on first arrival and last departure only. Group transfers by minibus are usually available on official arrival and departure dates. Transfer via public transportation is used on other days.

Chaperoned transfers for school holidays available on request. Please inquire.

Arrival day for dorm and homestay students: September 1 2022
First Day of School: September 2 2022
Fall holidays: Friday, October 21 after 12:30-Monday, November 6, 8:35
Christmas holidays: Friday, December 16 after 12:30 – Tuesday, January 3, 8:35
End of the fall semester: January 20 2023
Spring semester arrivals: January 22 2023
Winter holidays: Friday, February 17 after 12:30 – Monday, March 6, 8:35
Spring holidays: Friday, April 21 after 12:30 – Monday, May 9, 8:35
Departure day: June 21 and 22 2023

Major school breaks are as follows:

  • All Saints (la Toussaint): Fall
  • Christmas (Noël)
  • Winter (hiver)
  • Spring (printemps)
  • Summer (été), two months starting end of June

Download the current school calendar!