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Merry Christmas from NDIHS 2023-2024

Merry Christmas from NDIHS 2022

Graduation ceremony 2022

Graduation ceremony 2021

Graduation ceremony June 2019

Graduation ceremony June 2018

Students and teachers meet at the Orientation on the very first day at school. A new environment, new people, new school, new classes: so much to discover! Watch some memories of those very first moments at Notre-Dame.

Welfare and Accommodation Orientation, September 2019

Enjoying a basketball game together! April 2016

St Patrick's Day at Notre-Dame!

Cultural club visiting the "old Paris" on March 8th 2014

First open mics in the open café!

February 28th 2014: The NDIHS choir hosted the first open mic in the open cafe on campus just before winter vacation. It was great to hear the talent in our school and Notre Dame les Oiseaux. Hopefully this will be the first of many open mics!

NDIHS choir sang at a local nursery home before Christmas 2013

Model UN Club at the ILYMUN 2014

Visit of the Palais de Tolyo, February 27th 2013

Notre-Dame students at International Lyon Model United Nations in April 2013

Congratulations to our students who have sucessfully attented the International Lyon Model United Nations from April 4th to 6th. Our students all belong to the Model United Nations Club at Notre-Dame and proudly represented their school. They discussed with other students from internationals schools about international security, protection of indigenous students or developement of energy in LEDCs.

Cooking Class at Notre-Dame!

Notre-Dame International High School students could enjoy a French cooking class with Top Chef participant!

Excursion to the Aquarium of Paris

Graduation Ceremony at Notre-Dame, June 2012

The Graduation Ceremony will take place on June 28th at 6pm in the Salle Evenementielle on the campus of Notre-Dame Les Oiseaux.
Our sucessfull graduates will receive their High School diploma and share this moment with their classmates, teachers and families.
Congratulations to all of you!

Prom 2012!


NDIHS Catholic Charities 2011

Prom Party on May 13th 2011

"Even though the invitations were limited, and not more than 30 people participated.. I think that the prom was a great success.
NDIHS's students were all smartly dressed, our French DJ was great, he blended the best music mix for our small party. It started off as a formal dinner that we enjoyed with the teachers, and some French friends. Gradually, dance music was played... the usual hesitation period to get up and dance didn't take so long.. as every one was willing to have as much fun as possible .
« It was very friendly » was Mrs. Boyd's comment on prom, I would only add 'and fun' to that statement. We laughed, we sang, we danced until our feet were sore, and we took hundreds of pictures. This is how I will always remember my very first prom, with my amazing friends.. This is how we do it in NDIHS, always exceptional, unusual, yet interesting and joyous."

Verneuil Celebration 2011!

School trips

School Excursions and Activities:
• Trip to Notre Dame in Paris
• Visit to le Louvre
• Visit to Musee D’Orsay
• Historic visit of St Germain des Pres/Concert at Salle Playel: Gil Shaham with the Orchestre de Paris
• College fair day in October for International and American Colleges
• Speed meeting with terminale (12 grade) English class to practice English/French skills
• Biology class occasionally works with a premiere (11th grade) Biotech class to conduct lab experiments together
• US Government class, with a seconde (10th grade) class, toured the Assemblee Nationale led by the deputy of Yvelines
• Chemistry class trip to Les Mureaux water treatment plant with premiere (11th grade) class

International students mix with French students at Notre-Dame Les Oiseaux during a Biology course: check the pictures HERE!

Notre Dame International High School students visit the French Assemblée Nationale!
Look at the article here.