School facilities

School facilities

Enjoy tradition and modernity

Today, Notre Dame Les Oiseaux welcomes a large community of approximately 3000 students (comprising French students attending a French school curriculum and about 50 international students attending an American curriculum), aged 4-20 in pre-school (Kindergarten) to post-secondary education. They enjoy the facilities adapted to each age range.

Notre Dame International High School students share those wonderful French campus facilities with their French peers. There are roughly 230 staff members including teachers, administration, and maintenance staff who oversee the students and the school facilities and gardens (on a total of 14 hectares of land).

Investments are made year after year on the campus to improve and modernize the facilities offered to students (lately the cafeteria has been improved, and the chateau has been renovated with a new library/media center and wing of dorm rooms). There is also a multi-year project to upgrade the facilities and improve accessibility for persons with physical disabilities.
Our international students attend classes in the high school building (St. Pierre).

Our classrooms are close to the science labs and the common areas where students congregate during breaks and free time.

Campus Tour

The facilities offered by the French campus of Notre-Dame Les Oiseaux include:


  • Classrooms distributed in various buildings depending on age
  • Computer rooms
  • Modernized school libraries for middle and upper school students
  • Excellent science and computer labs, with up-to-date science instruments.

Sports facilities

  • 2 outdoor soccer field
  • 2 running places of 100 and 350 m
  • 2 indoor gymnasiums for basketball, handball, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer etc.
  • 1 specific room for fitness (no fitness material available)

Social and arts facilities

  • Theater and music room
  • A brand new self-service cafeteria with a kitchen on location, serving very balanced and healthy food (hot lunch service); consult the weekly menu here.
  • The open cafe, offering French cakes and pastries, donuts, snacks, pizza, panini, pasta boxes, salads, sandwiches, chips, yogurt, sodas, water, etc.
  • On-site nurse available.