US High School Diploma in France

Notre-Dame International High School: Your US High School diploma in France

US High School Diploma requirements

Our US High School diploma in France requirements correspond with the NCA guidelines for college preparatory schools and meet or exceed the Minnesota state graduation standards.
Students must submit complete, translated academic transcripts for each year of high school in order to be considered as a candidate for a US High School graduation.

Notre-Dame International High School’s graduation requirements are designed to meet Minnesota state standards and entry requirements for a wide range of colleges and universities. Students who meet the below requirements may be awarded a NDIHS diploma at the successful completion of twelfth grade:
• At least 2 semesters at NDIHS and a total of 8 semesters in grades nine through twelve (or equivalent)
• English proficiency meeting minimum standards for American university admissions verified by standardized test: PSAT, SAT, ACT, MAP, TOEFL, etc.
• A minimum of 48 semester credits (or equivalents) earned in grades nine through twelve. These 48 semester credits must also satisfy the specific departmental requirements described below.

48 semester credits* are required for an American High School diploma:

  • Language Arts 8 semester credits
  • Mathematics 6 semester credits
  • Social Studies 7 semester credits (including course topics in U.S. History, World
    history, Geography, Civics, and Economics)
  • Science 6 semester credits (2 must be in Biology)
  • Physical Education/Health 2 semester credits
  • Fine/Performing Arts 2 semester credit
  • Foreign Language 6 semester credits (4 must be in the same language)
  • Elective 11 semester credits

* 1 credit is earned for each semester course.

US High School diploma: graduate in France

English Language requirements

All graduating students must have one of the following exams and scores to prove their English level:

  • TOEFL- 80 or above
  • SAT - 450 or above on the Critical Reading Section
  • ACT- 18 or above on the English Section

English speaking study opportunities in France Universities and Grandes Ecoles: programs taught in English.

International students who have fulfilled the following requirements are eligible to receive a US high school diploma in France from Notre-Dame International High School :

  • Completion of an equivalent of four years of high school;
  • Completion of the above academic credits;
  • Proven proficiency in English;
  • Attendance at Notre-Dame International High School for a minimum of two semesters.

Note: Some students start classes in our school with lower English language skills that may require additional ESL classes to meet our English language standard and graduate.

US High School Diploma in France: your exchange year/semester

We welcome international students coming for a year or a semester at Notre-Dame International High School. The grade report earned at the end of their exchange program in France allows them to validate credits at their home school.