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Students from 15 to 18 years old on arrival are accepted in this American international school in Paris.
The school welcomes students in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade.

You will find below all necessary information and documents that you need to prepare for admission at Notre-Dame International High School. Note that we may also organize for you a visit of the school on request.

These are the steps involved in completing a student application:
1. Student sends transcripts, application and all necessary supportive application documents to the admission office via email (scanned). Download the application form.
2. The admission office reviews the application material, submits it to the school principal and makes a formal offer of admission (admission letter and deposit invoice).
3. After the student accepts the school’s offer, the deposit must be paid in order for the admission office to confirm admission and to issue visa supporting documents.
4. The hard copy of the application form must be sent to the admission office via post mail.
5. The admission office processes registration and visa documents to send to students.
5. The student's application is given to the placement staff to solidify homestay or dormitory accommodations.

Applications to the school year 2014/2015 (September 2014 to June 2015) are now open! Contact us to study at Notre-Dame International High School!
Les inscriptions pour l'année scolaire 2014/2015 (Septembre 2014 à Juin 2015) sont  ouvertes! Contactez-nous pour vous inscrire à la Notre-Dame International High School!


Next High School intake: Early September 2014

Download our tuition and accommodation fees 2014/2015.

1) Tuition fees: 14 490 euros (Semester: 8490 euros)

Tuition fees include:
- administration fees
- general tuition fees
- textbooks (rental)
- school lunches
- facility fees.
Partial scholarships available for eligible students.

Tuition fees do not include:
- extracurricular activities organized by the school or others
- field trips and mini seminars
- school material
- subjects fees, for example art supplies or literature books
- TOEFL or SAT testing fees, school clubs
- accommodation
- other miscellaneous non included school fees*

* Miscellaneous non included school fees: A deposit of 400€ for full year students and 200€ for semester students is due on student accounts the first week of school. This deposit can be made in cash or by wire transfer directly to NDIHS. Wire instructions will be provided during orientation. This deposit will be used to pay for sports licenses, technology fee, graduation fee (for seniors), field trips and books and/or materials that are not covered in the tuition or boarding fees. Additional fees may be charged for lost dormitory keys, lost or damaged textbooks, damage to school or dormitory property, etc. Any unused funds will be refunded at the end of the school year.
This list is non exhaustive.

2) Accommodation fees:

Download accommodation options.

Weekly Boarding:
Year: 5500 euros (tuition+accommodation: 19 990 euros)
Semester: 2750 euros (tuition+accommodation: 10 990 euros)
(from Sunday before dinner to Friday afternoon, excluding school holidays)            

Full Time Homestay:
Year: 6500 euros (tuition+accommodation: 20 990 euros)
Semester: 3250 euros (tuition+accommodation: 11 990 euros)
(from Monday to Sunday, including bank holidays and school holidays):

Weekly Boarding + Weekend Homestay:
Year: 6500 euros (tuition+accommodation: 20 990 euros)
Semester: 3250 euros (tuition+accommodation: 11 990 euros)
(at school from Sunday before dinner to Friday afternoon and in a host family from Friday evening to Sunday, excluding school holidays)

Weekly Boarding + Residential accommodation in Paris during weekends:
Year: 8500 euros (tuition+accommodation: 22 990 euros)
Semester: 4250 euros (tuition+accommodation: 12 490 euros)
(at school from Sunday before dinner to Friday afternoon and in a supervised residence in Paris form Friday evening to Sunday, excluding school holidays and 4 long weekends)

Accommodation fees include (depening on accommodation chosen):   
- host family placement (either full time or during weekends only), with full board and laundry
- weekly boarding, with full board (from Sunday before dinner to Friday afternoon), including laundry
- supervised residential accommodation in Paris over 27 weekends, with half board (breakfast and dinner)
- airport pick up and transfer on first arrival and last departure
- support, assistance and 24 hours emergency phone number during the whole program
- medical, liability and emergency repatriation insurance

Accommodation fees do not include:
- transportation card (for local transportation from and to school as well as to Paris city center)
- international airfares
- other travel insurances (luggage lost, flight detail, etc.)
- visa, passport and visa medical fees
- personal expenses and pocket monney
- transportation, accommodation and board during the 3 mini-seminars
- weekend lunches for students choosing weekend residential accommodation

Application deadline: NDIHS has a rolling admissions policy. We strongly suggest, however, an early application, especially for students who need a visa to stay and study in France.  


Nacel International School System is a unique program that offers students a rare opportunity to interact with students from around the world in a college-preparatory setting. We feel strongly that young people are better prepared for their future careers by learning to succeed in a diverse environment. Our international schools are perfect for students who are interested in pursuing careers with an international focus, who want to attend college in the US or in a French University, and who have a passion for travel, culture, and language.

Discover our international school Paris's campus!


Applicants to our international school in Paris:

  • are high achieving, motivated students with a proven academic record;
  • are committed to studying while on the program;
  • have not yet graduated from high school in their home country (unless they are planning to attend college in the US);
  • are proficient in English: please note that a strong English language program may be offered for students in need and provides students with only basic English skills to develop their English ability while earning high school credits; French prior knowledge is not mandatory but French lessons will be introduced on arrival.
  • are interested in learning about cultures of the world including American and French education and culture;
  • are comfortable interacting with people from different cultures;
  • plan to pursue higher education (either in the US, in France or abroad);
  • are flexible and capable of integrating with a host family;
  • may have other talents and abilities (sports, music, art, etc.) that will contribute to the community's life of this international school.

Nacel reserves the right to reject an application to the international school in Paris that we feel does not meet the criteria for admission that we have set.

Each applicant to this international school must be made aware of the following:

  • This is an academic program. All students are required to enroll in a full course of study including classes in math, social studies, English, science and foreign language regardless of the length of their program.
  • We are a school trained in working with an international student body. This means that there are students from all over the world. Being a school with a large international student body, we provide a unique opportunity for a student to receive a first class American education while interacting with students from around the world.
  • Students are required to be accepting of cultural differences and sensitive to the feelings of others. Any form of racism, bullying, or harassment will not be tolerated in our international school.
  • Our international school' students are not allowed to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or do drugs, regardless of their age and laws in their home country.

 Please request the specific application form of Notre-Dame International High School here.

At the beginning of their first term of study, all students are given tests to determine their level of ability in Math, English and French. Students are then placed in classes that are appropriate for their skill level, curriculum and interests. All students, including international students who are not planning to graduate from our school in Paris, must be enrolled in a full course of study at all times.

Study opportunities in France Universities and Grandes Ecoles: programs taught in English


Arrival date: Early September 2014
Orientation Day: First 2 days
School year start:  just after orientation

End of first semester: Late January 2015
Second semester start date: Late January 2015
Last school day: Late June 2015
Departure date: Late June 2015

Major school breaks are as follows:

  • All Saints (la Toussaint)
  • Christmas (Noël)
  • Winter (hiver)
  • Spring (printemps)
  • Summer (été), two months starting end of June

Download the current school calendar!


A. Payment Deadlines:  

A deposit of EU€ 2000 is due immediately after student’s acceptance into NDIHS. All visa documents will be issued upon receipt. The remaining tuition balance must be paid in full after the student’s acceptance has been confirmed by the school, and before the following dates:

- Academic Year/Fall semester: Payment is due by July 31st  
- Spring semester: Payment is due by December 31st

Payment of the remaining balance is not linked to visa issuance; remaining balance must be paid by payment deadlines, even if visa has not yet been issued. 
If the student is unable to obtain a visa, the tuition will be refunded but an application fee of EU€ 250 will be retained by NDIHS. In the case of cancellation for another reason, a student will only receive a EU€ 1000 refund. No refunds will be given after July 31st for the academic year/fall semester or December 31st for the spring semester. 

Unless otherwise agreed to, failure to make payments by the deadline will result in student dismissal and repatriation. Please notify the admissions office if payments will be delayed for any reason or an alternate payment schedule is requested.

B. Payment Procedures:  Banking information as well as the payment means available are reflected on the invoice.

C. Withdrawal Reimbursement:  After arrival in France, students who voluntarily or involuntarily withdraw from the program will not be reimbursed for payments made. Exceptions may be made in cases of illness, death of an immediate family member, or other extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control.


The Nacel International School System provides something more than an opportunity to improve your English and make friends abroad. By coming on our programs as an exchange student, you are playing an important role in the public diplomacy efforts of your country. Additionally, it is an opportunity for personal growth and development. In years to come, you will most likely look back on your exchange program as a critical experience in your life that prepared you for the future in unexpected ways.

One of the keys to a good exchange experience is being an active participant. By participating fully in your high school both academically and socially, you will benefit your education beyond simply learning new facts or completing a class.
Throughout your exchange program, making an attempt to understand and respect differences and learning to adapt to a different way of life will change and shape you as a person.

We hope that you have a wonderful time in France making new friends and experiencing new things. And finally, we hope you will learn new things about yourself, about France and its people, and about the world in general!

Since you will be traveling to France it will be helpful to prepare yourself for the questions you might be asked about your home country. Reading about current events in France such as: domestic affairs, international policies and important public figures will help you make connections between your home country and France. Learn as much as possible about the cultural, social, political, religious, and economic facts of life in France along with the attitudes. If you do so, you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts, as there is no subject dearer to the heart of the French than that of la vie française. The French, like all peoples are very uncomfortable when people come to their country and expect everything to be exactly like it is in their own culture.

When you arrive in France, try to understand how the local culture influences the way people act:
• Observe, listen, and describe, rather than try to prove your preconceived notions.
• Try to be objective; but recognize that your own culture filters the way you see things.
• Be persistent in asking questions and learn to ask the kinds of questions that elicit answers. Listen actively to the answers you get. Ask for feedback if you are not sure you understand.


Chaperones transfer from/to a Paris airport to/from the school, on first arrival and last departure only.
Group transfer by minibus usually available on official arrival and departure dates. Transfer via public transportation on other days. 

Chaperoned transfers for school holidays available on request.


Applications for the next intake are now open!

Contact us to study at Notre-Dame International High School!