"We are changing during our life. That is a fact!

We change in school, by our friends, teachers, life surroundings. I can say that I’m different now. My school also gives me a feeling that everything will be fine with this world, that we are all the same, generally just people.

I remember my first night here, terrified after long traveling from the airport to school, worried how it will go, if it will go, or I will run back home after a week. Next day around the afternoon time I knew that it is going to be fine. Felt it deep inside. After more than six months I know that my feeling was right and this experience will be with me, unforgettable. I have been in boarding schools before, but only here I really understood how small this world is. How close we are to each other. What a family we are here.

It takes time, always a time to figure things out. To figure people, system, find your way. But after those six months I feel that I have my family here, my home. When I’m back at my country I even talk with my friends about this school using a word Home! As it is. I have my rituals here – morning showers after late night talking with friends from other rooms. Time when boys are passing by around 7 pm, to go for a dinner, sometimes I’m joining them, sometimes eating sandwiches from Simply – supermarket close to school.

67900_566613746698640_1566799816_nThere are three months left in this school, with these people. Sometimes I talk about that and it hit me like a hard ball straight in the face, that I have no idea how it will go there.. outside. This boarding school is my life now. And I do not know how I will manage without. If you want to come here, you have to understand that not everything always goes perfectly fine, we are so different, with our passions and mentalities, with our good and bad days. You have to respect that, always. Different feelings come, happiness about your friends who will run through whole school to keep you out of trouble even if it means trouble for them. Friendly knock by the door right in the moment. Great joke and laugh by dinner table. Moments when you feel that even in this short period of time, what actually feels ten times longer as it is, you can make a great family here.

So if you will be able not to love everyone and not cry at the end, I want to see you and shake your hand, because you are a master of emotions. ..Others, well.. we will cry!"

Elizabete, from Latvia, tells us more about her experience as a boarder at Notre-Dame International High School,