Five months, this was the amount of time that I stayed here at NDIHS. I had a great time. I just have to thank you- everybody: my colleagues and teachers.

extracurricular-4During this time here, I had the opportunity to study in another country. I also got to know more about the French culture with our field trips and, of course, the fact that we are in France. I had the opportunity to know people from all parts of the world. I had friends from South Korea, Montenegro, Poland, US, Georgia, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Romania, Philippines and also from my own country, Brazil. I am secure to say that knowing people from different countries changed my mind, some concepts that are no true, and talking to my friends I also had the opportunity to know a little about their country.

Living in the dorms was difficult in the first weeks, but it is really good to live with yours friends and colleagues. In the end it is really funny, you always have someone doing some kind of joke so you just can´t stop laughing! To have your place with your own mess- it´s also great, we see why our mothers don´t stop complaining about our disorganized rooms!
This was the best time that I ever had! Everything was right, even if it was wrong. Here I grew up, became a woman. Now I am returning to Brazil, and with me, along with heavy luggage, I´m bring an experience for life.

Thank you all!!!
Beatriz, Brazil

Beatriz, from Brazil, after her Fall Semester at Notre-Dame,