11407033_1117519704941372_5768218669972988300_n“The atmosphere at the school is like an extended family- all the students know each other and care about each other.” “His current friends are from the US, Taiwan, Montenegro, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Syria.” “All of the teachers that I have been in touch with have been extremely helpful and concerned, giving as much help as they can. He is very comfortable with all of them.” “It has been such a relief to us to have our son in an environment that is competitive but that focuses on the student as a whole.” “The mixture of levels and ages insures that all of the students can feel comfortable, and though it would seem that the different levels are a hindrance, they aren’t because the school is small, and the teacher/student ratio is exceptional. It is wonderful to see our son becoming confident in himself again. More importantly, it is wonderful to see him happy.” “I have to tell you that it is exactly how we feel. Our whole family was stressed by [his former] school and we really feel like we have our son back. He's not an angel by any means, but he sure is a lot happier and a lot nicer to have around! We honestly feel that the school's atmosphere is incredible.”

Excerpts from a letter from a parent of a current NDIHS student,